Getting started.

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The first few days of training have quickly passed. I started of strong but then had to slow down due to a over used lat muscle. I now have rested my lat and I have done a lot of treatment such as massage, chiropractor and electro therapy. I also slowed down the work on the water and did more with my legs. Also a little bit of swimming to take of workload from my back. Now it feels better again and I hope to make next week fully as planed. It’s really nice being here and already there is a lot of people here training, more than ever I think. The water is really bussiy in the mornings when everybody tends to like to go at around 7.30-9 or so. Good practice though and inspiring to see everyone out there working hard.


Day two of many more to come in Florida. After a ok, trip I made it across the Atlantic to what you could call my second home – Indian Harbour Beach, Florida. It’s about a full days traveling to get here, I left my home at 8 and was here at 8 so … 18 hours. The reason I come back again and again is apart from great weather all the people training here. So many fun and fast people ready to train hard every day – I love it. I’m taking it sort of easy the first few days to get back into paddling a lot again. Tonight my coach Martin Hunter gets in and I’m sure he will point out a few things I need to work on.

Training in Sweden for 5 weeks.

markets world erfahrung 2012-01-22 One more week of training in Sweden for this winter. It’s always great to be home even though I’m not a big fan of winter. This time of year its the usual training, a bit of wights a bit of swimming and some paddling both indoors and outdoors. The later one comes with some very frosty hands and feets. I paddle barefoot since I hate having socks on when I paddle. So ya, it gets pretty chilly sitting with only a couple millimeters of carbon fiber in-between you and the near freezing cold water. I have had a lot of fun being home and also some new sponsors as joined my team. Last week was Swedish Sports Awards a big TV-production and show with good food, music and some nice prices being handed out. I didn’t get any price but had a great night together with some of the best athletes in sweden. It’s not cold enough to ski, or enough snow I should day – it is cold. I was looking fwd to do some skiing and my team has ski-camps up north that I can go to. But I prefer to stay at home when I’m home so it looks like it will only be one ski this winter – weird for me.

Canadian winter fun.

follow url 2012-01-03 I went straight to Canada from Florida. I was looking forward to the great contrast from paddling in the warm to hopefully do some skiing in the cold.

I landed in a snowstorm in Montreal and quite quickly forgot why I wanted to bee in the snow. But when I stood on my cx-skiis I remembered what is so great about the winter and snow. But unfortunately there was not that much snow but just enough for skiing. Another great contrast that I enjoy is how I changed from Indian Harbour Beach that is a really small town to the buissy streets of Montreal. Not saying that any of the two is better but the change is enjoyable.

Hunting down the kilometers.

fenerbahçe ülker beşiktaş integral forex canlı izle 2011-12-18 As usual my fall training is mostly about hunting down the kilometers. A great week is around 200km and that always makes me super tired. Especially when I’m paddling with Adam, who always seems to be pushing the pace. Well I guess he is the world champ so who better to push it? There is really not that many options where you can paddle here. I guess it is, with two rivers and a canal. But if you like me prefer perfectly flat water and no boats. You are limited to a 7km long stretch of canal. It is pretty much perfect and it’s no coincidence that many workouts are 14km.