Currently Competing as a grinder for Swedish Artemis Racing in the 35th Americas Cup.

Skärmavbild 2015-11-23 kl. 21.26.32 TRACK RECORD KAYAKING – SUMMARY

go site World Champion, 1 x Gold 3 x Silver
European Champion, 2 x Gold, 4 x Silver
Overall Winner World Cup, 2009
Jerringpris nominee x 2 (Peoples choice award – Athlete of the Year Sweden)
Nominee Årets Manliga Idrottare (Male Athlete of the Year Sweden) Sv. Idrottsgalan 2011
4 x Olympian, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012
Nordic Champion
13 x Swedish Champion
Overall Winner Swedish Cup x 3
Kayaker of the Year, Swe. Kayak Federation x 3
JP-Gold Watch x 3
Athletic Achievement of the year, Jönköping x 2 Skärmavbild 2015-11-23 kl. 21.31.07

click here ”STAND OUT PERFORMANCE” During four years – 2009,2010,2011,2012 I do not leave any World Championships, European Championships or World Cup Competition without winning a individual medal.

follow site Complete Championship Record.  

source OLYMpic Games

Sydney 2000 8:a K-4 1000m

Athen 2004

comment choisir un bon site de rencontre Semi-Final K-1 500m

Beijing 2008

7:a K-1 500m

London 2012

5:a K-1 1000m and 1>valbo hc WORLD CHAMPIONships (11)

Duisburg 2013

10th K-1 500m, 11th K-1 1000m

Szeged 2011

SILVER K1 1000m

Poznan 2010

GOLD K1 500m, 7:a K1 1000m

Halifax 2009

SILVER K-1 500m, SILVER K-1 1000m

Duisburg 2007

11:th K-1 500m

Szeged 2006

10:th K-1 500m

Szagreb 2005

11:th K-1 500m, 14:th K-1 1000m

Atlanta 2003

8:th K-1 500m, B-final K-4 1000m

Sevilla 2002

B-final K-4 1000m

Poznan 2001

10:th K-4 1000m, B-final K-4 500m

Milano 1999

8:th K-4 1000m


Montermor-o-Velho 2013

10th K-1 500m

Szagreb 2012

GOLD K1 500m, 8:th K1 1000m

Belgrad 2011

SILVER K1 500m

Trasona 2010

SILVER K1 500m, 6:a K2 1000m

Brandemburg 2009

GOLD K-1 500m, SILVER K-1 1000m

Milano 2008

4:th K-1 500m, 5:th K-2 1000m

Pontevedra 2007

SILVER K-1 500m, 6:th K-1 1000m

Poznan 2005

7:th K-1 500m, 9:th K-1 1000m

Poznan 2004

8:th K-1 1000m, 11:th K-1 500m

Szeged 2002

B-final K-4 1000m


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